IT recruiting agency
Search and selection of experienced employees for your company

We quickly find the greatest IT specialists because of:

20 years experience
We have more than 20 years of managerial experience and experience in recruiting specialists at all levels of positions
Own contact database of specialists
We quickly and efficiently study the market and form a short-list of 5-10 most suitable candidates
Recruitment process
Client Briefing
For quick and efficient selection, we will ask you for all the necessary requirements for your future employee
Find specialist
We are looking for specialists in open and closed channels, according to our database, according to recommendations, in other companies.
We conduct the first interview and weed out irrelevant candidates. Thanks to this, you save your time and do not conduct unnecessary interviews.
Interview and start
We provide you with resumes of ideally suited candidates and agree on the date and time of the interview.
Why it is profitable to work with us
  • Pay only for results
    We receive payment for our services only
    on the fact
    of the candidate's hiring
  • Replacement Warranty
    We guarantee one free replacement for each hiring specialist on trial period
  • Time saving
    You save dozens of hours on finding people, communication, interviews, etc. We take care of all the work, and you get selected candidates who meet your requirements
  • Fast and efficient selection
    We are interested ASAP to find a suitable specialist for you, who will stay in your company for a long time
What kind of IT specialists are we looking for:
CEO of ESCA recruiting agency
Sergey Denisyuk
We know all about the pains of companies building staff by being directly in the real operating business. Our task is to quickly and efficiently solve your problem and find a specialist most suitable for your vacancy!

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